Susan Polston is a self-made jack-of-all-trades stay-at-home-mom based out of Washington D.C.  In April 2015, she made a conscious decision to use up all her craft materials instead of acquire more.  The lack of storage space in DC row houses might have something to do with that decision.

Her hobbies include drawing, painting, sewing, reading out loud, and profiling people.

She plans to write about nothing coherent and everything in general.  She hopes that all the posts will somehow sum up who she is.

She designs fabric, and here is a link to her shop: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/susan_polston

She is grateful for your readership. She wonders why she is talking about herself in third person.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hello Susan – I am not sure how to reach you… I found your designs on Spoonflower and wanted to order a sample of one, but now I don’t find that pattern on spoonflower. … I’m Darian at darian.balcom@gmail.com. Thanks 🙂


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